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Pet Policies

Absolutely without exception, and only with express prior approval, are dogs allowed at the Colonel Spencer Inn. No exceptions if prior approval was not made, or for any other animals.


At the Colonel Spencer Inn, we genuinely love dogs and very much enjoy having well behaved pets stay with us. The great majority of dogs cause no problem at all. However, in consideration of all our guests and in light of some of our experiences, we need to explicitly state our dog policy.


Dog owners are charged a $25 non-refundable fee per night. Proof of vaccination and flea protection must be sent to us at time of reservation or 14-days prior to arrival.


Upon arrival we have you sign the following contract stating that you agree to abide by the following guidelines during your stay:

  1. My dog is not aggressive; is up to date with vaccinations and is well socialized with other animals and people.
  2. My dog is free of ticks and fleas. My dog will be under my care at all times. If I leave my dog unattended, he/she will be crated, for the protection of guests and furnishings.
  3. I assume the responsibility for any and all damages to the inn and furnishings.
  4. At no time is my dog allowed on the beds or furniture.
  5. At no time is my dog to be in the dining room, sun porch or kitchen.When outside, my dog will be on a leash and under my control at all times.
  6. I will dispose of my dog messes, both inside and outside. Potty breaks should be confined to areas away from buildings. While we understand that "accidents" may occur in inappropriate places, please be kind enough to remove it. No one likes ruined shoes; especially other inn guests who may not be as pet friendly.
  7. I will clean off my dog if he/she is wet or dirty, using towels provided by Colonel Spencer Inn for dog care.
  8. I will notify the innkeepers immediately of any dog accidents.
  9. When away from the Inn, we will take our dog with us. The Inn is not substitute as a kennel.
  10. No barking! Dogs that continuously bark or otherwise bother others will be asked to leave at the owner's expense.


We hope you and your pet's stay is most enjoyable. We will gladly accommodate you in any way possible. By following these rules we hope to continue to add to everyone's Colonel Spencer Inn experience.

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